Sriracha Ranch Black Bean and Quinoa Tacos

I’ve been stuck at home during COVID-19 quarantine and like most people, been stuffing my face full of comfort food. Pizza rolls….haven’t had them since high school but here I am heating them up for dinner. Enough is enough I told myself. I need to get back to real food and start living healthy again. With a bunch of random items I found in the pantry this is what I came up with.

This is southwest meets the Midwest. Mostly healthy but still has the comfort of good ole ranch. Baby steps


  • Quinoa
  • black beans
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 onion
  • arugula
  • ranch
  • sriracha
  • Mexican cheese
  • tortillas
  1. Cook a cup of quinoa.
  2. Drain a can of black beans and add to the cooked quinoa mixture and set aside.
  3. Dice your red pepper and onions.
  4. Mix 3 tablespoons of ranch with a 1/4 teaspoon of Sriracha. Add more if you like the spice. Spread over tortilla
  5. Add a spoonful of black bean and quinoa mixture.
  6. Add arugula, onion, peppers and cheese.
  7. Optional-Add additional specs of sriracha for a kick


-J. Marie

Going Vegetarian

Hi ya’ll. I’ve been experimenting with a vegetarin diet for the last few months, and now want to commit to it 100%. I’ve already noticed a difference in my weight, joint health, and energy and really want to take it to the next level to make my body the healthiest it possibly can be.

I did not grow up vegetarian. If you had told me years ago that I would eat a primarly plant based diet, I would of laughed and chowed down a whole hambuger in your face. I could not fathom where I would get my protien from and why I would want to give up the foods I enjoyed most.

The number one motivator for my new eating habits is my health. I’ve always been interested in diet and nutrition. What I found was this way of eating could be beneficial for heart health, automimmunity, and even to help control pre-diabetes.

I  did my own mini experiment for 2 weeks. This is what I found:

  1. Vegetables and fruit taste better!
  2. I’m not starving
  3. I wake up with no joint pain and have extra energy
  4. Best I have felt in a long long time
  5. Gym Recovery time isnt as bad

I will be chronicling my journy for anyone else who is interested or doesnt know where to start. I’m still trying to find my goto recipies, resturants I can enjoy, and how to eat for exercise recovery.

Stay Tuned