Going Vegetarian

Hi ya’ll. I’ve been experimenting with a vegetarin diet for the last few months, and now want to commit to it 100%. I’ve already noticed a difference in my weight, joint health, and energy and really want to take it to the next level to make my body the healthiest it possibly can be.

I did not grow up vegetarian. If you had told me years ago that I would eat a primarly plant based diet, I would of laughed and chowed down a whole hambuger in your face. I could not fathom where I would get my protien from and why I would want to give up the foods I enjoyed most.

The number one motivator for my new eating habits is my health. I’ve always been interested in diet and nutrition. What I found was this way of eating could be beneficial for heart health, automimmunity, and even to help control pre-diabetes.

I  did my own mini experiment for 2 weeks. This is what I found:

  1. Vegetables and fruit taste better!
  2. I’m not starving
  3. I wake up with no joint pain and have extra energy
  4. Best I have felt in a long long time
  5. Gym Recovery time isnt as bad

I will be chronicling my journy for anyone else who is interested or doesnt know where to start. I’m still trying to find my goto recipies, resturants I can enjoy, and how to eat for exercise recovery.

Stay Tuned


4 Tips for Healthy Travels

January is often the month when everyone becomes focused on health. One of my biggest challanges has been learning healthier way to travels. If your on the road a few times a month for work or pleasure check out my tips below to ensure you clothes still fit by the time you return.

1. BYOWB (Bring you own water Bottle)

Drinking water en route to your destination will keep you away from fancy coffees, mixed drinks, and soda both in the airport and on the plane. There are so many cute styles that will fit in your purse. Just remember to keep it emty until you pass through security.

2. Cut it In Half

One of the best parts about travel is trying new food.  To balance health and travel try cutting your meals in half. This means Clam Chowder in Boston,  Ciopinno in San Fransisco, and Shrimp Au Gratin with a view of the gulf in Mobile.

My first poke bowl somewhere near Burbank CA

3. Two Drink Limit per Week

This is epecially true for  frequent business travlers. Instead of grabbing a generic  beer or wine at every dinner, try and limit your drinks to something extra special. Maybe this is a fancy meal to pair it with or discovering a local brewery/winery.  Find yourself in upstate New York, go find a winery with ice wine. Maybe your in New York City and going to have a damn good Manhatten in Manhatten!

4. Grocery Shop

If time allows, grocery shopping for snacks and small meals will keep you full without calorie rich food of resturants. My gotos usually include precut veggies fruit and pre-made salads lunches.  This helps to keep me from feeling extra bloated on the road.

Heres to happy healthy travels this year!