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Every day things from past decades are enjoying a revival today. One such example is vinyl records. From my childhood, records were only something my parents and grandparents owned. I had no idea how to play them. Fast forward to today, and you can find record stores scattered throughout downtown. Famous musicians are releasing new music on albums as well as streaming services.

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These things from the past are still great because of the experience they create. Music enthusiasts enjoy the hunt of finding a gem among thousands of records in crates. When they finally hear the first song’s crackle, the sound quality is just a little richer. Maybe your that person who enjoys quoting your favorite movie. It brought a sense of happiness then, and it still endures today.

Now, more than ever, with the world rapidly evolving due to COVID-19, we should be focusing on creating those experiences as were socially distanced at home. For centuries friends, loved ones, and family would hand write to one another to keep in touch. Yes, it took time and effort, but those are things we all have available as we watch our best-made plans for 2020 canceled. Take a minute to slow down, but reconnect.

I am someone who has kept every card that I have ever received. No joke, I have shoeboxes full of them dating back to my childhood. Most of these cards memorialize milestones such as birthdays, graduations, or holidays. While I have a few “just because” letters, it is not the majority of my shoebox.

Resilience to these unprecedented times can spark the need to connect in meaningful ways. Be thankful for Fall and spread the love with a hand-painted card for your family. Have Zoom meetings been weighing you down at work? Thank your coworkers for their focus and dedication with a professional handwritten letter. You could also write long handwritten notes to your friends across the country. You will bring each person the experience of human connection, thoughtfulness, and hope.

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